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Raw sheep fleece hand-felted into beautiful pelts with no harm to the animals. 


Locally sheared wool, with added layers of processed wool roving, is put through a wet-felting process to bind the whole thing together. 


The result is like a sheepskin rug but without the skin! 


Felting is an ancient way of making fabric without weaving.  The wool fibers have tiny barbs that when put through the right conditions, interlock and bind together.


The wool fleeces I hand select are plush, insulating, and next to skin soft.  Each one is totally unique in its type of curls, length, density and the natural color variations.


The fleeces come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  I make a series designed especially for the Kundalini classroom setting, to fit on your mat, as well as larger ones.


The Felted Fleece

Order a felted fleece

Please contact me about the fleeces I currently have in stock 

Or make a special order for your own wishes

Prices range from $225 - $875

TELEPHONE | 206-419-6339

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